About Us

Founded in January of 2020 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Comforth Skin™ is a small Danish start-up focusing on helping people achieve their best possible skin.

We look at skincare from another perspective. We do not believe the key to great skin lies in buying overpriced products that doesn't work, or spending 100’s of dollars at the spa.

We believe you can achieve perfect skin, and become the best version of yourself – as long as you have the right equipment.

For a fraction of the price of conventional methods, you can have spa-grade travel-sized equipment at your disposal, ready to make every bathroom your own personal spa.

That is why we are working closely together with dermatologists and specialized engineers to develop products that eventually will revolutionize the way we think about skincare, AND make it affordable for almost everyone.

As of now, our only product is the Blackhead Vacuum, but we are currently developing an array of new products. We expect to launch at least 2-3 new products this summer so stay tuned!

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With love, Comforth

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