About Us

Meet Comforth Skin, an amazing blend of innovation and beauty. An entry which conveys the best of both the universes.

Our mission is take traditional skincare just a little bit further. We sell devices, not creams and serums, as we belive technology (paired with a good skin care routine) is the key to beautiful skin.

Comforth Skin was founded in 2019 and has since seen rapid growth, and is now helping thousands of customers worldwide achieve their dream skin. We hope you will join them.

Ken Bonares


In 2019 Ken saw an opportunity in providing skincare devices for home use to the broad market (not just clinics and spas). He partnered up with Jessica Firestone, to develop innovative beauty devices, that could be used by anyone.

Ken takes care of anything marketing and business related. If you have business related inquiries, feel free to contact Ken at business@comforthskin.com 

Ashley Miller

Customer Support Associate

Ashley's our youngest member. Alongside her marketing studies, she takes care of all customer related inquiries, both on email and chat.

If you have any questions about our products, or your order shoots us an email at support@comforthskin.com and Ashley will answer you! 

Jessica Firestone

Head of Product Development

Jessica has worked 9 years as a esthetician in Los Angeles before partnering up with Ken to co-found Comforth Skin.

Utilizing her expertise, she has developed the product line now available, and she is constantly working on new product ideas and features. Her latest development is the Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation Kit. Check it out! 

Linda Tang

Production Manager

Linda, supervises the production department and is the backbone of our everyday operations.

Having 7 years of experience in production management, she makes sure, that every single product 100% before being shipped off to our customers.


We want to make sure that you feel comfortable buying from us. That's why we're proud to say that, our products are approved and certified by various institutions.
Comforth ensures 100% Quality on all our products.

FDA Approved

Approved by the FDA under the cosmetics segment as 100% safe.

CE ROHS Certified

CE ROHS certifications means our products cointains no materials that are hazardous to the skin or the environment, such as lead and mercury.


Our production department is ISO9001-certified according to the criteria for quality management. This means our business runs ethicaly and with prime quality control measures.